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感覺….這也許意味著我們隨著年齡的成長,而漸漸消失殆盡的那粉純真、幻想力、腦筋變得格式化,生活少了點趣味。小王子的天真無邪,突顯出大人的野心慾望,現在人只注重外表 卻不認真去思考內涵,其實有時小孩敏銳的觀察力和豐富的想像力,比現在大人還要多很多,現在人被太多事物牽絆住,沒空去思考、去發現、去創新,別用肉眼判別事物,要用心去觀察,用心實際去體會,也許也會發現其中的樂趣。



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    Thoughts and feelings... perhaps this symbolizes the fact that as we all

    get older, our innocence and imagination diminishes and becomes

    smaller - our minds become systematic - our lives in turn lose that touch of pleasure. The Little Prince's uncontaminated 'pureness' juxtaposes

    against the adults' greed and desire. People nowadays only care about

    outer appearances and neglect the innate - a child's keen ability to

    observe and a ripe sense of imagination are greater possessions than

    what some adults claim to be and have. 'Adults' are binded by too many

    things, have no time to reflect and think properly - to expolore, create - not to judge things by what they appear to be, but to use the heart and

    really feel. Perhaps they'll find that they'll find joy in it.