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Snoop Dogg - Ballin



Snoop Dogg - Ballin 歌詞

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    [Chorus 1]

    Like a star slipping out of place

    Sliding from the sky

    Tumbling through space

    When you touch my hand

    I swear I feel like I'm ballin'

    (Ballin', Ballin', Ballin', Ballin')

    Yeh ballin'

    (Ballin', Ballin', Ballin', Ballin')

    Like a wheel

    Whirling round and round

    Rolling down a hill (rollin' down a hill)

    Spinning on the ground (rollin' down a hill)

    Your kissing makes me dizzy yeh

    In the head (ooh yeh)

    And I'm ballin'

    I'm ballin'

    [Verse 1]

    Hmm, I love this game coz this game love me back

    I'm pushing a lac, smoking sacs like a mad mac

    Bringing me back, banging the 8-track track

    The Dramatics and Battle Cat and Snoop like that

    Big stars in big cars we pull up at the big clubs and sit at the big bars

    Sippin' champaign with a bowl of cavier

    Hell yeh you are, yeh you are

    Say it say it, coz they all deny it

    Player play it, coz you cant deny it

    As fly as it get, as fly as I spit you know its the shit

    It's so gangsta, gangsta bitch

    Switch back to the old school, old fools know

    This here thang we do so original

    I got to have it, lavish

    Is how we establish

    On the real love one it feels good to have

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