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My Personality

One of my greatest strength is that I have an oppimistic attitude towardlife life , As a result , I always confront with it correctly and perfectly .

Once , I remember that I was in senior high , I was chosen to represent my class in a speech conpetiton . This is my first time to participation . However , I was laking in experience I was very hervous , but I still persude myself that . I could do it completly . I manage to calm myself down , finally . I won the first prize in the contest.

I attnibute to my apitimstic toward everthing , therefore . I will main my optimistic of confidence everlasting .

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  • jinlin
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    My Personality

    One of my greatest attributes is having optimistic attitude toward life.

    And thus. when facing difficulties, I confront them correctly and


    There was one time in the senior high when I was chosen to reprsent

    my class in a speech competition,I was so nervous since this is the first

    time I join a contest and I also lack experience.But I still persuade

    myself that I can do it very well. I managed to calm down myself and

    finally, I got first prize in the competition.

    I attributed all of this to my being optomistic and sel confidence and I will remain the same forever.

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    參考資料: 不介意參考一下~~~自己
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  • 1 0 年前

    My Personality

    One of my greatest strength is that I have an optimistic attitude

    towards life. When encountering difficulties, I always confront them

    without fear.

    I remember when I was a senior high school student, I was chosen to be

    on behalf of my class for a speech contest. That was my first time to

    join a contest so I was very nervouse due to my insufficient experience.

    However, I still kept talking to myself. I could do it. I could finish it.

    I managed to stay clam, ready to the audience a great speech.

    In the end, I won the first prize in happy tears.

    I attribute eveything that has been going well towards

    my optimistic attitude.

    Therefore, I will maintain it with my confidence in the future.

    PS: 我加了一些,也改了我覺得不妥的地方,供你參考參考囉!

    參考資料: 本身是英文家教
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    不懂你要問的 你是要問中文翻譯?

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