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stacie 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

急需 研究方法英文翻譯!!









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  • SP
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    請注意一下,如果這是一篇proposal才能用未來式,不然如果是報告的話,請用現在是或過去式,代表已經完成的報告,這是寫報告時常犯的通病! 敬請參考。


    The main purpose of this chapter is to let people know that what the essential help from the school study for the future career. We introduced the main contents of school, thereafter we also referred to some related academic reports and publications, extracted some key points, and descript them. Lastly, we stated the related English certificates which play the important roles in the career.


    This research aims to discuss the imperativeness and importance of career English practically. The collecting of related career English publications and academic materials is essential. Besides that, utilizing the web search engine to search related information through internet, and find the related books from library. Therefore, we design a questionnaire against the employed population by sorting the materials in hand. The survey is processed by the use of visiting method to obtain substantial results.

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  • ansu
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    研究方法: Studying Method:

    本計劃是針對職場英文實質的需求跟重要性下去討論,所以我們必須收集有關職場英文的相關書籍跟研究資料。利用網路收集引擎的方式找尋網路的相關資料,再到圖書館找相關書籍,在整理全部的資料後針對現在就業的人士設計出一份問卷,利用拜訪的方式來調查進而得到實質的需求結果。 This plan is to meet the substantial demand and the important quality to discuss of the employmental English, so, we must collect the related employmental English books and study materials. Utilizing the web search engin to find the related information of web, then, go to the liberary to find the related books,after having arranged the whole materials, to design a Q & A sheet to meet the employed people presently,and use the visiting method to inspect, then,to obtain a substantial-demanding effects.

    導讀:Introducing study

    本章最主要目的是為了讓大家了解在學校學習的課程在未來就業職場上有什麼實質的幫助所以我們將一一的介紹在校的主要課程內容,之後我們也會參考一些相關文件書籍,並且結取其文章的重點並加以說明。最後我們將敘述說明相關英文證照在職場上所佔據的重要性。The main object of this chapter is for letting everyone to know the learning classes in the school will have what substantial assistance, so we will intruduce it one by one of these contents of school main courses,then, we will also to refer some related papers and books ,and will cut off some main points of the articles , and to state them. Lastly, we we state the related Enlish evidences which occupy the important quality in the employment.

    參考資料: New Universal English-Chinese Dictionary
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