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中翻英.電影內容 (20點)蠻急的

不一定要很完整的翻出來.大概把我想敘述的事物翻譯成英文就好了.假如人物名稱不能翻出來.請用中文帶過.希望是人工翻譯.不夠點數我可以再補點.請分成兩段 簡介跟內容<A.B>





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    Might not want very intact turning over. It would be better if probably translated the things which I want to narrate into English. If personage's name can't be looked through out. Please take Chinese. The hope is an artificial interpreter. It is enough to count I can mend a little more. Please divide into two sections Brief introduction is with content <A.B >


    Prince Paris, Troy of city endure by the Louth stealing Helen from rice Wang of Sparta. To this king in Sparta. This is shame that can't be tolerated. Rice endure Louth gal door agricultural to A Wang, elder brother of Mycenae. Ask the soldier to aid. Dispatch troops and attack Troy. Taking an oath should vie for Helen. Door, gal of A, agricultural plan in the heart to is it go back face to strive for younger brother, he in fact is it take advantage of the chance is it come down to attack Troy city to want, easy to finish his personal kingdom plan. Under King Prill's leadership of cheating. It is very strong that the army that bold prince Hector gets can be regarded as to safeguard. And is considered as Argyris of the first warrior in Greece, have become key personages whether the kingdom of Sparta could attack and occupy Troy. For the reputation and power finally, two world will launch in the World War once soon


    This film all please come to international giant star. The content of the story has not omitted any incident either. And does not appear until hobbyhorse at the last moment. Bring the atmosphere of another kind of climax. The love and kindred inside make people very moved. The film for more than two hours introduces out the background at that time too. It is a film that is worth remembering

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