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小美 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

~幫我這段中文句子翻英文~20點 ~謝~

我來自新竹縣,今天19歲 家庭成員包括爸爸 媽媽 哥哥 弟弟以及我 家中排行老二 我是個喜歡交朋友 很好相處的人

我的興趣是逛街 聽音樂 及看籃球比賽 我最喜歡的科目是體育

因為流完汗會讓人很舒服 家裡有飼養一隻狗 牠活潑又聽話


家裡有5個成員 爸爸是一位工人 他擅長許多樂器 吹小喇叭 和口琴 媽媽是一位家庭主婦 哥哥現在正當兵中 弟弟目前國中3年級

父母對子女採取民主開放的教養態度 我們一家人就像朋友一樣 感情很好

再專三時 參加商套裝軟體的測驗 取得丙級電腦軟體證照及初級打字證照

暑假期間 我到家附近的漫畫店打工 不僅可以領到薪水 還可以免費看漫畫


未來展望 五專還有最後一年的時間 我會努力考取證照 畢業後希望順利考進理想的學校 將自己在專科時所學習的專業知識得到進一步提昇的機會,可以將自己的所學應用到工作領域中




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  • 1 0 年前


    I come from Hsinchu County, the 19 years old family member included father a mother an elder brother younger brother and the seniority in my house today old two I was a person who liked to make friend to be easy to get along with

    My interest is to go shopping to listen to music and see basketball game I the most favorite subject is an athletics

    Because sweat will let the person's very comfortable home have already fed a dog cheery and obedient

    Is my to love most

    Home's hasing 5 member's fathers' aring a workerses to excel many musical instruments to blow small speaker and harmonica a mother is a housewife's elder brother now the younger brother in the proper soldier the junior high school is grade 3 currently

    The parents are like a friend similar on friendly terms to lowbrow attitude our families whom the sons and daughters adopt democracy to open

    The test which attends business' software packages at 3:00 particularly again obtains the software license of the C grade computer and entry-level to type a license

    The period of the summer vacation my coming home the cartoon store of neighborhood to work can not only get salary also free read comic strips

    Is very goodly 1 to work to me place

    Will prospect a 5-year junior college to still have the last year I hope to test smoothly into the ideal school after willing make great effort to pass in examination license graduation in the future at specialty learn of the professional knowledge get to promote further of chance, can own of learn to apply to work realm in

    參考資料: 這些都是我自己辛苦翻的 = =
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  • ZZ
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    1 0 年前

    今天19歲是怎樣 難道你昨天20歲喔


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  • 1 0 年前

    I come from Xinzhu County, today 19 year old of family members elder brother in the younger brother as well as my family are situated the second child including father and mother I are the human who likes becoming friends very well is together.

    My interest are window-shop listen to music and looked the basketball game I most like the subject is a sports

    because flows the perspiration to be able to let in the human very comfortable family have raises a dog it lively also to be obedient

    is I most likes

    in the family having 5 member daddies is a worker he excels at many musical instruments to blow the small loudspeaker and harmonica mother is a housewife elder brother is becoming a soldier to hit the younger brother now at present in the country 3 grade

    parents to have the education manner to the children which the democracy opens weWhole family not only very is likely good on the friend same

    sentiment special three o'clock participates in business coverall software the examination to obtain the third class computer software card for your perusal primary typing card according to

    summer vacation period I proficient neighbor to inundate the picture shop to work again may receive the wage also to be possible free to look the cartoon

    is very good works the place to me

    future to unfold approaches the age of fifty also has last year I to be able specially to be admitted to a school the card after the graduation to hope diligently will pass into the ideal school smoothly own when the faculty will study the specialized knowledge will have the further promotion opportunity, might own study in the application work domain

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