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An Australian diver whose abalong boat sank has survived after swimming for almost a day through shark-infested waters clinging to the lid of a portable icebox.

While Howard Rodd,44,was recovering in hospital,police said they were searching for a 47-year-old deckhand missing from the same boat in an area close to where two surfers were killed in separate shark attacks in September.

Rodd’s extraordinary tale of survival began on Monday when his 7m abalone boat overturned in heavy seas in the Great Australian Bight off Ceduna,550km northwest of Adelaide.

Rodd and deckhand Danny Thorpe clung to their boat’s upturned hull for several hours before Rodd decided to swim for shore.

Fearing sharks,Thrope stayed behind wearing two lifejackets as Rodd set off for shore dressed in a wetsuit and flippers and using the icebox lid for extra buoyancy.

Police said strong winds and currents prevented Rodd from reaching a nearby island,so he swam about 27km to reach the mainland.

Rodd was washed ash ore early on Tuesday morning but staggered around lost in bushland,his eyes swollen shut by prolonged exposure to salt.

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    當好爾德‧羅德,44時, 正在醫院恢復, 警察說 他們正尋找一個47歲的從在一個接近於兩名滑水者被在9月在單獨的鯊魚攻擊裡殺死的地方的地區的相同的小船丟失的甲板水手。

    羅德' 生存的s 特別的故事在星期一,那時他的7米鮑魚小船離Ceduna在大澳洲灣裡在洶涌的海裡翻倒開始, 阿得萊得西北550 公里。

    羅德和甲板水手丹尼‧索普依附他們的小船' 在羅德決定游泳到岸之前,s使殼向上幾個小時。

    懼怕鯊魚, 當羅德出發去穿wetsuit 和鰭肢和把這個雪櫃蓋子用於額外的浮力的岸的穿兩lifejackets的站在後邊的思羅普。

    警察說大風和電流防止羅德進入一座附近島,因此他大約27 公里游泳到達大陸。



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