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不好意思 請幫幫忙 中翻英以下這篇...20點















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    A lot of adults do not think that he or she is student's thought because it is made to think, and the student likes idea really because it describes and he or she tightens showing opposition only to putting out nothing but for the hair ..student.. to think ..beautiful.. and forbidding, putting out in fact, the limitation of student's who forbids it only of no externals, and the own idea of the student somehow or other. may only the teacher or the elderBecause one's no introducing oneself as a democratic nation aiming at the world it as for eyes expects the student to offer ..multi.. former opinion because the idea of the student or the opinion hopes for certain only one kind of, it does for the direction of the progress of society. Therefore, it is not yet one true, democratic nation to elect only to prohibit the existence of the problem and not to represent the failure of the education of Taiwan, and to have represented Taiwan in addition.

    In fact, it was possible to say remained when putting out the nation that really forbade it clarified it now and only North Korea and Taiwan remained. It is saved for Pyongyang regime to use the reason of this .."The water resource is saved".., for the man in "Strong proposal" the whole country to put out, and not to exceed five centimeters, the woman has the shoulder not exceeded, and to exceed it, government doesn't have what punished for the person who disobeys about them ..any...

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    In addition, a middle school in Taiwan will be seen later, and 99 is exceeded.

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    People..junior high school..expression..put out..regulations..a lot..school..all..regulations..schoolboy..crew cut..woman student..ear..arrange..regulations..against..warn..remember..extreme..arrive..partially..school..student..airplane..glide

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    slope..push..provide..food..negligent..lamplight..do..finish..cut..by all means..yield.The regulations of the high school cannot do the burn however ..so much severely.. ....

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    by being not able to hold the eyebrow it that can provide (It is) ..food.. as for raising by still pushing the hair, and dyeing it.

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    Person..in some measure..provide..hear..North Korea..whole country..people..hair..manage..Taiwan..without

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    reservation..student..hair..how..bring..compare.I answer: Even the nation of the monopoly of the power of communism be will make to the nation that introduces oneself as one main freedman and compares or or 1 sad ..reeling.. thing with a too not severe royal road.

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    In addition, putting out the punishment of the student who attaches to disobedience and forbids it still : Taiwan with the saucer in the much more in more awful North Korea.

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    Therefore, it is thought that I am an agenda democratic whether it nothing but thinks of a beautiful discussion because what should forbid the problem, jump, and take off the great number of people is put out, and one is free.