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Thanks for your immediate response, i do hope that you are very well and if so lets give thanks to our God almighty.mine here is full of cold but in all i was covering up with the weather.dear please don't leave me just because of my condition or if you consider this my condition as a doubt,you can first bring me out from the prison to your country.

DEAR,I know that this proposal might be a surprise to you but do consider it a an emmergency in nutshell,I am Jessey John Wiltord from the republic of sierra leone in west Africa,now seeking for a refuge in Dakar Senegal under the UNHCR.My late father Dr. John Wiltord ,was the managing director of Rainbow Gold and Diamond Mine company in KENEMA sierra leone.But he was killed along side with my mother during the longing civil war and all his properties was totally destroyed.

However, after their death I managed to escape with a very important document DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE,US$7.5m Seven million Five hundred thousand U.S Dollars deposited by my late father in A SECURITY AND FINANCE BANK which i am the next of kin.Meanwhile,i am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foriegn personality to help me transfer the money into his country and into his possession pending my arrival to meet with him.

Furthermore,you can contact the company for confirmation and i will issue a letter of authorisation on your name,that will enable the security company to deal with you on my behalf.I am giving you this offers as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me or take me as your wife and manage the money conclusively,i wish you send me a reply immediately as soon as you recieve this proposal through my email addres( from you soonest.

I remain yours in heart,

with the best regards Miss Jessey.

(Note you can reach me with my Rev father's number on +221-377-5031 please tell him that you want to speak with miss Jessey Wiltord and he will sent for me)

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    嗯! 這種信建議你不用理他!

    因為這是在國際商業場合中最常看到的騙人技倆! 我們常常會看到這種信. 首先她跟你說她是來自西非的獅子山國, 然後說現在受到保護. 說她的父親是什麼黃金 鑽石公司的總裁,因為內戰的關係,她的父母親被殺死了,而且財產也被破獲. 然後她會跟你說,她收到什麼文件說她繼承她父親的遺產多少錢啊, 這裡她說有7仟5百萬美金, 然後她需要你的協助幫她把錢先匯到你的帳戶,然後她會給你多少錢當做酬勞,所以叫你跟她聯絡,然後取得你的銀行帳戶資料!

    這些信常常利用人性的貪婪, 真的不要上當, 天下沒有白吃的午餐, 錢真的不會自已從天上掉下來, 別說錢會匯到你的帳戶,你的錢會因為如此而 憑空不見哩!


    參考資料: 看多了這種信的國外業務員外^_^
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    你不要被他騙了. 他们是一詐騙集團. 在美國常有這種事發生, 電視也常報導不要上當受騙. 要小心點. 他們的基地是在南非的一小國裡的網咖, 很恐怖的不要上當

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    親愛,我在西部非洲在達喀爾塞內加爾在KENEMA塞阿里昂知道這個提案在堅果殼也許是意外對於你,但是考慮它一emmergency,我是Jessey約翰Wiltord從塞拉利昂共和國,現在尋找為一個避難所在UNHCR.My之下後生約翰・ Wiltord博士,是彩虹金子和金剛石礦公司的總經理。但是他沿邊被殺害了與我的母親在渴望內戰期間,并且完全毀壞了所有他的物產。

    然而,在我設法逃脫與一個非常重要文件存單之後的他們的死亡, US$7.5m七百萬我已故的父親放置的五十萬美元在我是近親的安全和財務銀行中。同時,我備鞍與獲取信任值得的外國個性的問題幫助我轉移金錢入他的國家和入他的財產等待我的到來遇見他。




    (筆記你在+221-377-5031能到達我與我的Rev父親的數字請告訴他你想要與錯過Jessey Wiltord講話,并且他將為我送)

    參考資料: Internet
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