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int: can we take a concrete example and look at the soft drinks market? can you explain how these three factors work?

kj: fine, well if you look at erm, cost as focts, or a cost-focus strategy, erm let's take cola for example,

erm we know that big supermarket chains in the UK-safeways or Tescos or Sainsbury's- they produce their own cola at low cost and can sell it more cheaply than Coca-Cola, for example.

erm differentiation, I mean, a good example is, I think, Tango; they're managed to penetrate the market and be competitive by using a very interesting and rather wacky advertising campaign for their product.

Erm, and innovation, for example, Virgin we know of as er a music or airline company; they also own cinemas, and through the cinemas, the distribution channel of their cinemas,

they've managed now to promote their own version of cola, so they've... innovation in controlling distribution means they can be competitive in the cola market, for example.

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    內部: 我們採取一個具體例子和可以看軟飲料市場嗎? 您可以解釋怎麼這些三個因素運作?

    kj: 好, 很好如果您看erm, 費用當focts, 或費用焦點戰略, erm 我們採取可樂例如,

    erm 我們知道, 大超市連鎖在英國safeways 或Tescos 或Sainsbury's- 他們比可口可樂生產他們自己的可樂在低成本, 可能更加便宜賣它, 例如。

    erm 分化, 我意味, 一個好例子是, 我認為, Tango; 他們由使用設法擊穿市場和是競爭的一場非常有趣和相當古怪的廣告戰為他們的產品。

    Erm, 和創新, 例如, 我們知道作為唔音樂或航空公司的維京; 他們並且擁有戲院, 和通過戲院, 他們的戲院分配渠道,

    他們現在設法促進他們可樂的自己的版本, 因此他們有... 創新在控制發行手段他們能是競爭的在可樂市場上, 例如。

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