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    Scientists found that 2005 was the year that had the highest temperature. During the latest decade, higher temperature all occurred after 1990. Meantime, scientists noted that the surface ozone layer of the earth has been destroyed, that was mainly attributed to too much carbon dioxide being discharged by human letting the temperature between ocean and atmosphere constantly increased. Scientists named this kind of phenomenon as “the greenhouse effects .” In recent years, we all know that our beautiful earth has became ill, however we don't know how serious is? Is there any horrible impact that we will confront on our future life?

    Firstly, the global climate changes severely in resent years. Katrina hurricane of 2005 caused serious disaster in Newjersay U.S.A. Because the topography of New Orleans is lower than the level of the sea, 70% of the land was flood by billows and torrential rain. Meantime, the houses were all destroyed by blast wipes, and the local traffic and communication were paralyzed entirely. Furthermore, more than hundreds of people died. In addition, torrential rain and unusual weather were also sighted in Taiwan, such as an ice storm and an April-snow.

    Secondly, because the temperature of the earth gradually raises year by year, the iceberg of Antarctic quickly dissolve accordingly, which make the global sea level raises. Under this circumstance, lowlands and island will easily be submerged. Therefore, not only human but also animals and plants could not survive any more.

    Lastly, higher temperature and unusual climate will affect humans’ subsistence ability. For example, higher temperature will make people become ill of skin cancer, lower temperature would freeze people to death. Meantime, it would also influence economy at the same time, such as the quantity of agricultural livestock produces would reduce largely.

    (我沒有把第三點直譯出來是因為用Lastly會讓整篇文章比較通順一點 不過你還是可以斟酌改一下)

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    我有寫最後一段 但是因為字數限制 沒辦法貼...>_<...

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