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Formal document translation!!

Hi ~ need some help here. Tried to translate the following content in a formal language of Chinese but could it well... will really appreicate it if anyone can help. Thanks!!

XXX having fulfilled the conditions prescribed by the University has this day been admitted to the degree of Master of Management (Marketing)

Chancellor - Rennie Fritschy

Vice-Chancellor and President - John Rickard

Registrar - Kenneth Window

Given under the common seal of XXX University on the <date>

The qualification certified herein is recognized within the <country name> Qualifications Framework

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  • Leslie
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    1 0 年前

    For translating some terms (like "chancellor"), I assume that this is from/for an Australian university.

    XXX 已完成本大學規定的修業條件, 於今天授予管理(行銷學)碩士學位.

    大學經營理事主席 - Rennie Fritschy

    大學經營理事副主席 暨 校長 - John Rickard

    註冊組長 - Kenneth Window

    此學位授予在 <date>, 由 XXX 大學官章印證.

    有關資格認定是符合 <<country name> 政府教育體制之規程.

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