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麻煩幫我翻譯Digestion in Fish這段文章3

Digestion of protein and lipids in carnivorous fish is efficient, resulting in high levels of nutrient absorption. Their digestive systems, however, are unable to process or absorb high levels of dietary carbohydrate. They secrete insufficient enzymes to break down complex carbohydrates, such as starch, and their digestive tract is too short, and gut clearance times too rapid, to accommodate prolonged retention time for more efficient digestion and absorption. Starch pretreated through extrusion processes in feed manufacture is more digestible than raw untreated starch, and is a common ingredient in feeds formulated for most fish and shrimp species, where it functions as both a binding agent and as source of energy.

The presence of large amounts of indigestible materials, such as plant fibers, in the natural diets of omnivorous and herbivorous species, is reflected in lower levels of digestibility and absorption, per unit of food ingested, than is typical in carnivores. These fish can, however, digest and absorb certain carbohydrates more efficiently than carnivorous species. The efficiency of digestion in fish is not significantly affected by environmental factors such as temperature or salinity, or by biotic factors such as age or size.

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    食肉類魚的蛋白質和類脂的消化有效率,導致營養的吸收的高的水準。 他們的消化系統,不過,不能處理或者吞並飲食的碳水化合物的高的水準。 他們分泌不足的 分解複雜的碳水化合物, 例如澱粉, 他們消化道太短,並且太迅速,不能對容納延長適合有效率消化和吸收更的停留時間的勇氣間隙時代。 澱粉pretreated透過在供給製造業裡的壓擠過程比生的未處理的澱粉易消化, 一普通成分在適合大多數魚和蝦種類闡述的飼料是,起兩個一捆的代理人的作用和作為能源在那裡。 大數量的難消化的材料的存在, 例如植物纖維, 在雜食和草食的種類的自然的飲食裡, 被反映在更低上各級可消化性和吸收,每單位的攝取的食品的,比典型在食肉生物內。 這些魚能,不過,消化並且吸收某些碳水化合物比食肉類種類更有效。 魚的消化的效率以象溫度或者鹽分那樣的環境原素,或者透過象年齡或者尺寸那樣的生命的原素沒被相當影響。

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