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John:Wow! This place is amazing

Zack:The Shilin is one of the most famous night market in Taiwan

Mia:John, you said you wanted a taste of Taiwan, right?

John:That's right! I'm ready for anything

Mia:Great! That's why we're at the night market

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    Zack: Where would you like to start?

    John: How about that booth over there? That seemed interesting.

    Zack: Oh, that’s the Flurry Ice, we will come back for it after we had something salty first.

    John: Okay.

    Mia: How about that one over there? It’s the Stir-fly squid booth.

    John: Squid? I’ve never had that before.

    Mia: Just give it a try. You will love its texture.

    John: Humm, that does taste good. It is very chewy.

    Zack: Now let’s go try one of Shilin’s famous dishes, the Shilin Chicken Chop.

    John: Oh, I can smell the chop from all the way here. It’s already making my mouth water.

    Zack: Just wait till you put it in your mouth.

    John: Wow, you are not kidding. This is the best tasting chicken chop that I have had!

    Mia: We are glad that you are enjoying all the food so far.

    John: I am getting hungry now, what else is there?

    Zack: Don’t worry, there are plenty more for you to try.

    Mia: Yeah, let’s go to this booth over here.

    John: This dish is made with Chinese herbs, so it may taste different than what you are used to.

    John: What is it?

    Mia: It is called the Herbal Ribs. It is made with Chinese herbs which are supposed to be very good for your body.

    John: Really, then I must try it.

    Zack: Here you go. Be careful, it is very hot.

    John: Yes, I can see the steam coming from it.

    Zack: Go ahead and taste it.

    John: The meat practically falls out of the bone. It is absolutely a delectable!

    Mia: We are glad you like it. Now that you’ve already had the hot food, are you ready for some cold dessert?

    John: You bet I am.

    Mia: Let’s go back to that Flurry Ice booth.

    John: Okay.

    Zack: So, what do you think?

    John: This is just like the flavored ice that you can get at Starbucks, but is much better! There are so many choices of toppings that you can put on it, and every topping looked so good. I can‘t decide which to choose.

    Mia: Haha, there is nothing like having a bowl of Flurry Ice in the middle of hot summer night.

    Zack: You said it.

    John: I totally agree.

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