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    Alice, Emily and Vera are English class classmate in the first year of the university。Today is the last English lesson for the first year of the university.

    E: Time fly, the first year in the university has almost come to an end。

    V:That right!

    A;Hm~What your feeling about the English lesson in this semester?

    V:Hm, the acting is quite fun and interesting。Only the dialogue and movement a bit difficult to coordinate.。

    E:I have the same feel。

    A:I feel that we very few snatch answer session in this semester.。

    E:OH,I don’t really like snatch answer session。

    V:Me, too。

    A:But don’t you girl feel that it will be more interesting having our classes that way。

    E:You are right,but I don’t really like to answer question.。

    A:OK!right,What do you that REBECCA will be with who in the end for the VEDIO STORY!

    V:I feel that ALBERTO is too frivolous,the elder brother is much more mature。But the elder has been divorce before therefore it is really a tough choice.

    E:But I thought REBACCA has told the elder brother that the one she love is the younger brother?

    V:Oh ya!but in my opinion the younger brother is not suitable for her。

    A:In case she should not choose both of them instead。

    V:You are correct!

    E:Not sure what happen to REBECCA father。The story just end without further explanation。

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