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NEW YORK -- Chien-Ming Wang's day started with a rude awakening, the discovery of a stiff neck from sleeping wrong. He ended it right, pitching as though he was in a dream.

Wang struck out a career-high 10 batters and came within one out of a complete game, while Alex Rodriguez clubbed his Major League-leading 27th home run, leading the Yankees past the Mets in Sunday's Subway Series finale, 8-2. The win clinched a series victory and kept momentum on the side of the Yankees, who have won 11 of their last 12 games and 14 of 17.

Complaining of a tight feeling in the right side of his neck, Wang reported to Yankee Stadium well ahead of the players' 5 p.m. ET report time on Sunday, administering heat therapy to help loosen him up for the start.

The treatment didn't completely knock out the kink, but that seemed to be just about all Wang couldn't put under wraps. He limited the Mets to just six hits and mixed in an effective slider and used his changeup often -- more, he said, than in any previous big-league start, complementing his vicious sinker.

The results were striking, as Wang shut the Mets out through six innings before being touched for a run in the seventh inning -- by which time the Yankees had already pieced together a six-run lead -- on a Carlos Delgado double. Otherwise, Wang was dominant going into the final frame, striking out the side around a hit in the eighth inning.

"That's something certainly out of character for him," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. "But it gives you an idea -- when he gets that off pitch working for him, the slider or changeup, that really makes a difference for him." .........

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    紐約報導。王建民先發當天給人異想不到的結果, 發現因為睡姿不好而導致頸部僵硬。不過,他還是完美結束這場比賽,彷彿在夢幻中投球。

    王建民三振了十名打者,達到生涯最高三振紀錄,而且只差一個出局數就完投,同時A-Rod打出領先大聯盟的第 27全壘打,帶領洋基在星期日舉行的地鐵大戰系列最後一場,以8-2打敗大都會。這次勝利緊咬著最近連勝氣勢,而且讓洋基球員的動能持續加溫。洋基最近出賽12場剩11場,17場勝14場。



    結果令人振奮。王建民在前六局封鎖大都會的打線,直到第七局球才被Carlos Delgby碰到,打出一支二壘安打,在這之前洋基已經聯合攻下六分的領先。此外,王建民一直到最後一局,都主控全場 ,並在第八局連續三振三名打者。

    「他的個性一定有過人之處」洋基總教練托瑞表示, 「不過,這也給人另一種想法,當他以滑球和變數球當作吃飯傢伙時,的確使他變成一個完全不一樣的投手」。

    參考資料: Fans of C. M. Wang
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