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不知道吶 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


請問有人可以 幫我用一份有關於醫生和病人之間對話的英文 演講稿嗎? 不用太長 兩個人對話 一個人約三到五句 就好

也不能短的太離譜 大約 可以講個30秒左右就好

如果有人能 自己想出來 po給我 更好

PS: 中、英文都需要 麻煩了

我給20點 以當酬勞


大家都很棒 我很感激 謝謝你們 但是 最佳選答只有一人 不知道要給誰 那我請 人投票決定囉~~~如果 沒有被選上的人 真的很抱歉.....非常抱歉~

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    Doctor: So, what brings you here today? 今天是什麼問題把來帶來這兒?(你有什麼不舒服的地方?)

    Patient: I have been sneezing badly these few days.我已經嚴重打噴嚏好幾天了.

    Doctor: I see. Do you have any other symptons? 我知道了. 還有其他症狀嗎?

    Patient: Yes, I have a runing nose, itchy and watering eyes, and itchy in my nose and throat. 有的. 我流鼻水, 眼睛發癢加上淚水直流, 鼻子後喉嚨也很癢.

    Doctor: I think that you have a seasonal allergy. Have you ever have seaconal allergy before? 我想你有季節性的過敏症. 你以前有過季節性過敏症嗎

    Patient: Yes, I did. But not this serious. 有啊!但是不像現在這麼嚴重.

    Doctor: Oh, it's different every year. Let me chcek your throat, please open your mouth widely and say "Ah~" 喔~每一年都不一樣啦!讓我檢查一下你的喉嚨, 請把你的嘴巴張大, 說"啊~"

    Patient: Ahh~ 啊~

    Doctor: Yeah~ It's seasonal allergy. I'll give you a description for the medicine. Take one tablet daily, and you'll be fine. 沒錯, 是季節性過敏症. 我會開給你藥品處方籤. 一天吃一顆藥錠, 你會沒事的.

    Patient: Thanks a lot! 非常感謝!

    Doctor: No problem! I'll see you in three weeks. 不客氣!三個星期後來複診. (三個星期後我再看你)

    參考資料: ME
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  • Kieve
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    D: How are you feeling today?

    P: I feel fine, but my back is still hurting.

    D: Where?

    P: Right over here on the left side.

    D: Ok, let's take a look. When did it start hurting?

    P: About two days ago. I was cooking, then all of a sudden it started to hurt.

    D: Have you been doing much lifting or bending?

    P: Not really. I am very careful about those things.

    D: Looks like it's swollen, let's put some ice on it.

    P: Is it serious?

    D: Hard to say at this point. We need to get the swollen down first.

    P: Can I take something to kill the pain?

    D: You can take some Aspirin, are you allergic to Aspirin?

    P: No.


    P :我覺得還好,但我的背後還是會痛。


    P :就在左邊這裡。


    P :大約二天前。我在炒菜,然後它就突然開始痛。


    P :也沒有,我對那些動作都非常小心。


    P :是否很嚴重?


    P :我可以服用什麼來止痛?


    P :不會。

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  • 1 0 年前

    那我先幫你取二個人名做分別 :P

    Billy(the patient): Hi, Dr. Grey (請套上自已的姓) I don't feel well after get fever in this morning.

    Dr. Grey: Okay. Billy, don't worry about it. Let me take a temperature for you.

    Billy: How's going?

    Dr. Grey: Um, the temperature is recorded 38 degree. You should take some medince.

    Billy: Ohh, no. I hate to take medince. It really tates awful. Yuck!

    Dr. Grey: Billy, it's the right way to make you get better in soon. Or you could be worse after all.

    Billy: I see. Anyway, can I eat ice cream at home?

    Dr. Grey: No way! You need to eat more healthy food such as fruits or fish soup. Please don't eat any fried or icy food when you're sick.

    Billy: Alright, I will take medince and buy apples at the supermaret.

    Dr. Grey: Nice choice, remember what I say " An apple a day keeps doctor away." Hahaha.

    Billy: Thanks a lot, Dr. Grey. I will keep these words in my mind.

    Take care! Bye.

    Dr. Grey: You too. Don't forget to take your health IC card before you leave. See you.

    這是自已努力想出來的,希望能幫上你的忙唷 : 3


    參考資料: myself
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