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魔法老頭說 我放音樂幫你們製造氣氛


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    That’s What Friends Are ForDionne Warwick,第一位榮獲葛萊美「最佳流行女歌手」獎項的黑人女歌手,截至目前已擁五座葛萊美獎在手,「天后」二字當之無愧。她於 1985 年與 Stevie Wonder、Elton John 等人合作,為愛滋病基金會募款錄製這首 That’s What Friends Are For 歌曲,成為 1985 年的冠軍單曲,再添一座葛萊美獎。


    這裡所擺的版本,是她於 2003/06/23 晚間在紐約雪城的「40周年歌唱紀念之旅」演唱會現場錄音專輯 Dionne Warwick In Concert / At The 2003 Syracuse Jazz Festival。她與姪子 David Elliott 合唱這首壓軸曲,非常動人。

    And I never thought I’d feel this way

    And as far as I’m concerned

    I’m glad I got the chance to say That

    I do believe I love you

    And if I should ever go away

    Well then close your eyes and try

    To feel the way we do today

    And then if you can remember


    Keep smilin’ keep shinin’

    Knowing you can always count on me, for sure

    That’s what friends are for

    For good times and bad times

    I’ll be on your side forever more

    That’s what friends are for

    Well you came in loving me

    And now there’s so much more I see

    And so by the way I thank you

    Oh and then for the times when we’re apart

    Well then close your eyes and know

    The words are coming from my heart

    And then if you can remember