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Hey everyone here, this is Ranz from Germany. Im here asking u guys for a favour, and I really hope that someone here can solve my problems...cuz im right now in Germany and unable to contact anyone in Taiwan.... So my problem is as follows...

As 2 of my friends and I r gonna do our exchange student program in KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN, we gotta manage to find a lodging place to stay for 6 months. But the thing is there aint no possibilities that we can contact any lessor for helps since the international call charges as hell 2 EURO for less than 40 sec.....So i'd like to have some ppl here who know better than me of course to see if we can settle this down afore we arrive in Taiwan. We'd appreciate that.....plz...u dont wanna see 3 guys bunking up outside at night....i bet u.....

We need a place of 4 rooms(3 rooms at minimum), including all facilities needed and of course nearby the school, Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences(KUAS), we r going to, to rent for 6 months...It must be definitely in the neighborhood of the school since we wont have any possible transport, and we dont think we'll get to learn how to take buses either......Therefore, the lease SHOULD NOT BE a duration of more than it....only 6 months plz notice that...thx! And as to the price of the rent, it is negotiable on both sides of us and the lessor as well. (But, for the record, the ideal amount is no more than 11000 monthly to us)

So if any of u guys knows that there's a place as mentioned above plz contact me at the email below:

Or for sure u can also reply to my inquiry here....we need ur helps big time.....this is really urgent...there's less than 2 months that we r gonna set out for Taiwan....and we wanna do some travelling around the South.




hey yaya thx for ur reply, really! :D

The reason we havent contacted the school is that we know they might send us to the school dorm, that's not what we'd like to see....

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    i think you can e-mail to kaohsiung university

    they have many students rent outside

    kaohsiung is always sunshine

    nearby international harbor

    in june weather is hot

    we have great chinese cuisine you can try it

    sorry i am not in kaohsiung

    you can send e-mail to this university

    taiwanese like to help foreigns

    so you say it

    everyone will love to help you

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    Nice way to away from school dorm.............

    We Germany Berlin Compiere/Adempiere Taiwan User Club.......

    Skype: AdempiereTaiwan

    Rent a house is easy, but how to rent a house before you arrive taiwan...

    Because you must pay before you arrive for reserve a house.

    US 1100 is enough, but you must have 2 month rate for warranty , will be refund when you return the house.

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