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  《小豬和蜘蛛》的結尾是悲喜交集的。仁慈的蜘蛛夏綠蒂把快樂留給小豬,但在熱熱鬧鬧的參加頒獎典禮的人,小豬威博變成名豬,因此還得了獎,又有誰知道這其中最重要的角色是一隻灰色的蜘蛛。「在她死的時候,也沒有一個人在她面前。「這是書中描寫蜘蛛夏綠蒂去世前的情形。 和那歡樂得獎的場面,是多麼強烈的對比。

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    "The comity is a fantastic thing.I knit a word for you, is because I like you.What meaning does the life have actually?We born, living for a while, then die.A spider knits a net to prey for food from cradle to the grave, living to is a little bit coarse.Pass to help you, make your life become perhaps a little more classic.The day knows anyone's lifes all can pass a help other people and increase some meaning."

    《Piggy and spider 》of the coda is an intermingling of sorrow and joy.The spider summer green Di of kindness leaves the happiness to the piggy, but at hot noisy make of attend a person who make awards the ceremony, the piggy Wei Bo becomes a pig, so still have to prize, and then have who know this the most important role to is an among them gray of spider."At she dies of time, there is also no a person in her in front."This is to describe spider in the book for summer green Di to die ex- situation. Happiness with that the condition won a prize is how strong of contrast

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    蜘蛛和小豬應該翻成Charlotte's Web那是著名的外國童書

    夏綠地的英文不是summer green di是Charlotte