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教師因受限於傳統教室及教學方式,使得將聽、說融入課程時產生了困難。另一方面,在語言學習教學活動進行的過程中,鼓勵每一位學習者參與並且給予回饋,是所有教師都會面對的重要問題(Beebe, 1983),這樣的問題尤其在亞洲國家更為顯著。比起西方國家,亞洲國家的語言學習者對於在課堂上使用目標語言(target language)提問、發言或對話等活動更容易產生焦慮及沈默(Song, 1995)。

在以電腦為溝通媒介(CMC)的環境中,比起即時同歩討論,以非同歩討論的方式進行互動在對於語言使用的反思上能有更周詳的考慮(Lamy & Goodfellow, 1999)。語言的學習是在使用的過程中,觸發認知而產生的,若能降低學生學習及用目標語言的焦慮,進而使學生主動學習,必能有效地達到語言學習成效的提升。所以在語言學習的過程中,如何減少學生學習及使用所學語言的焦慮,建立一個對於學習者的心理及外在都適宜的學習情境,是教育研究者當下重要的課題。

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    The teacher is limited by traditional classroom and teaching method because of being subjected to, making will listen to, say producing while integrating a curriculum is difficult.Encouraging each learner to participate and giving feedback in the language the learning the process that the teaching activity carries on on the other hand is all teachers to meet a right important problem(Beebe, 1983), such of problem particularly the nation in Asia is more notable.Compare with a west nation, the language learner of nation in Asia for use target language(target language) to lift to ask on the classroom, the activities such as speech or dialogue etc. produce worry anxiously and silence more easily.(Song, 1995)

    In the middle of taking computer as environment communicating medium(CMC) compare with immediately and together?Discuss, with not and together?The way of discussion's carrying on interaction is canning have more detailed and completing consideration for language using of introspecting ascending.(Lamy& Goodfellow, 1999)Trigger cognition in the process that the learning of language is using and output of, if can reduce a student to learn and use the worry anxiously of target language, then make the student learn actively, can not fail to reach language learning's result to promote availably.So in the language the learning of the process, how reduce a student to learn and use the phonetic worry anxiously learned, build up a 1's mental and outside all feat learning scenario for learner, educate researcher an at that moment important topic.