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Nodaway, more and more people they didn’t want to get married. Like this society problem not only Taiwan but also all the world. Statistics Taiwanese region a marriage age(30-44 years old) single population few datas to find through the years according to the Directorate General of Budget Accounting and Statistics, marriage age but single population several present increment trend at any time, the single population increased 930,000 people altogether from 1975-2003 years of many, but male population number and ratio always is high in the female, the female single ratio is only increased with very small ratio.(the men and women don't marry ratio about 6:4) It’s means the birth rate will be influence. Those people who don’t want to get married. Because the commodity price is high and divorce rate get high yearly. Another reason is they afraid of marriage. But don’t marry also bad and good. Advantages are economy independence and didn’t worry about children education. For example disadvantages is mother or aunts always arrangement somebody make us know each other. Another reason is when they need friends always couldn’t find one to accomplish. It’s sounds too lonely. Even that I don’t want to married because I like freedom and carefree life. Even if break up with boy friend didn’t need paraphernalia.

Weather get marry or not be happy is most important.

Thank you for your listening.

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    他們沒有想結婚的(Nodaway=這ㄍ查不到), 越來越多人民。像這個社會問題不僅臺灣而且所有世界。統計臺灣地區結婚年齡(30-44 歲) 是很少的人口 多年來發現根據預算會計和統計, 結婚年齡但唯一人口的董事會將軍幾當前增加趨向任何時候, 唯一人口一共增加了930,000 個人從許多的1975-2003 年, 但男性人口數字和比率總是高的在女性, 女性唯一比率只被增加與非常小比例.(男人和婦女不想結婚的比率大約6:4) 這是手段出生率將是影響。不想要得到的人結婚了。由於商品價格是高的和離婚率得到高逐年。其它原因是他們害怕婚姻。但並且不要與壞和好結婚。好處是經濟獨立, 沒有擔心兒童教育。例如不利是母親或伯母安排某人總使我們彼此瞭解。其它原因是他們需要朋友不能總發現一完成。這是聲音太偏僻。我不要對結婚因為我喜歡自由和無憂無慮的生活。既使打破與男朋友沒有需要設備。天氣得到結婚或不愉快最重要。


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    他們沒有想結婚的Nodaway, 越□越人民。像這個社會問題不僅臺灣而且所有世界。統計臺灣地區婚姻age(30-44 年年紀) 唯一人口少量datas 多年來發現根據預算會計和統計, 結婚年齡但唯一人口的董事會將軍幾當前增加趨向任何時候, 唯一人口一共增加了930,000 個人從許多的1975-2003 年, 但男性人口數字和比率總是高的在女性, 女性唯一比率只被增加與非常小ratio.(the 人並且婦女不與比率結婚大約6:4) 這是手段出生率將是影響。不想要得到的人結婚了。由於商品價格是高的和離婚率得到高逐年。其它原因是他們害怕婚姻。但並且不要與壞和好結婚。好處是經濟獨立, 沒有擔心兒童教育。例如不利是母親或伯母安排某人總使我們彼此瞭解。其它原因是他們需要朋友不能總發現一完成。這是聲音太偏僻。我不要對結婚因為我喜歡自由和無憂無慮的生活。既使打破與男朋友沒有需要設備。天氣得到結婚或不愉快最重要。謝謝您聽。


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