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1.她很有自信 她的自信讓我驚訝 並且我很羨慕她 她總是很快恢復她一時混亂的心情

她是個講義氣的很照顧朋友的人 例如我被欺負她會替我打抱不平

她是個很不錯的人 她開心認識她

2.當我在看英文書時 我會限瀏覽一次 大概了解大意 把不會的單字片語畫下記號 第二次仔細的看 去查出畫下記號地方的意思

邊看句子邊學習文法 這個方式讀英文書很有效





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    1.She has self-confidence's her self-confidence to make me surprised very much and I envy her her very much to always recover her very fast at that time confusion of mood

    She is a very looking after of handout gas friend of person for example my being bullied her will help victim of an injustice for me

    She is a very good person very happy know her.

    2.When I read English book I will limit to browse once probably understand the gist can't of the word phrase draw the meanings that the next notation see carefully to look up a painting to descend a notation place for the second time

    The side sees the sentence side learn grammar this method to read English book is very valid.

    3.My father is an introverted person.

    4.She has cheery character.

    5.My uncle is weaves a superior.

    6.Have you really good.

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    1. She is very confident and her confident surprised me! I always envy her as she can calm herself down very fast. She takes good care of her friends; for example, if someone tried to bully me, she would come to help me!

    2. When I am reading English book, I will skeen through once to rounghly understand the meaning and highlighting the pharse or words that I don't know. The second time I read, I will check the meaning of the highlighting words and phrase. Reading phrases and learning grammer at the same time is a very effective way to read English book.

    3. My father is a shy person.

    4. She is very outgoing.

    5. My uncle is very good in knitting.

    6. It is very good to have you guys.

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