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『我是一位對生命充滿熱情和活力的學生. 對於高中生活有無限的期待與期望. 樂觀開朗是我最大的優點.

雖然不是那麼的愛讀書,但對自己的人生認真負責肯付出. 笑聲是我最吸引人的一個特色 : 嘹喨有力.

未來不希望待在辦公室裡工作. 擁有多變化和一份自己喜愛的工作是我最大的夢想之ㄧ.

吃喝玩樂是我最享受的四件事. 但願人生能永遠只充滿歡笑. 這就是我,一位經過基測的磨鍊將要展開高中生活的小小地球人』

謝謝!!! 感激不盡!!!

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    "I am that one is full of enthusiasm and student of vigor to the life. There are limitless expectation and expectation to the life of high school. It is my greatest advantage that optimistic and optimistic.

    Though it is not the love to study, it is willing to pay to responsible for one's own life seriously. The laugh is the most attractive characteristic of mine : Loud and clear and strong.

    Do not hope to wait to work in the office in the future. Have changeable to take and one job that oneself like I most heavy dream their ¨ç.

    Gluttony and pleasure-seeking is four things that I enjoy most. I wish that can be only full of laughing heartily forever in life. This is me, one rubs small earth people that the chain will be launched the life of high school through what the base is examined "

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    參考資料: 自己
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