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以台灣來說大家喜歡團聚在一起吃飯, 中餐是主人把菜都點好大家只管吃。西餐是一人點一份,自己點菜對個人選擇更尊重一些,自己點,好吃不好吃自己負責,但選擇單一,但我覺得台灣現在這代已經較不注重自己的文化..年輕人往往愛吃美式,日式,或義式的食物.


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    The diet culture in each country is enormously different from another.

    Take the diet culture in France as an example, the nature of French people is romantic. Their diet habit is that they love a romantic atmosphere while eating. They cannot enjoy a meal without the red wine candle or without music. Due to this, it takes them several hours for a meal.

    Take Japan as another example, they have paid great attention to good health. Japanese people enjoy limited-amount and light-taste food. The dishes are not only emphasized tasty but good-looking, so each dish of Japanese food is quite delicate. In addition, they enjoy raw fresh seafood. This is quite different from the people of other countries.

    As far as the diet culture of Thailand is concerned, Thailand people like spicy and sour food. The reason is that spicy and sour food can help them with their appetite under the fiecy weather. However, their food sanitary condition is not as good as their food. The tourists to Thailand often have stomach problems or get sick.

    In Taiwan, everybody likes getting together and enjoying the meal. For the Chinese meal the host will order the dishes for everyone and all the responsibility of the guests is to enjoy the dishes. For the western meal, everyone orders what he/she wants. This may be interpreted that they share more respect for one another. No matter the food an individual orders is good or bad, he/she needs to take care of it. The drawback that he/she might only have one choice for food.

    I realize the young peopel in Taiwan do not pay attention to their own culture but enjoy American-style, Japanese-style, or even Italian-style food.

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