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請會英文的人幫我翻一下..(要正確的 )


我要介紹一個非常好玩的地方-墾丁。墾丁是個非常好玩的地方,是夏天最適合去的地方.. 而且海邊非常的漂亮不輸給外國的海灘,在那裡可以游泳,玩一些水上遊戲,也可以到一些熱門景點散步之類的,是個適合家庭,朋友,情人來這玩的地方。而且在台灣只要說到海邊幾乎大家都會想到這裡,這裡已經是個家喻戶曉的觀光景點了。而且晚上的墾丁真的很美,可以在海灘上吹著微風聊天或者放煙火,也有可以血拼的地方就是墾丁大街,那裡有很多店都賣一些貝殼所製作成的小飾品很適合買回去送給朋友,還有一些小攤販等,墾丁真的是很棒的地方。

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    I want to introduce a very divertive place-Kenting.The Kenting is a very divertive place, is the most suitable match in summer of place..And the seaside's being very beautiful don't lose to the sea beach of foreign country, can swim over there, playing some aquatic games, can also go to the type of some popular beauty spot strolls of, is suits a family, friend, the lover comes to this to play of place.And in Taiwan as long as make reference to the seaside almost everyones will think of here, here am already a widely known tourism spot.And Kenting of evening is really beautiful, can blow gentle breeze chat to display fireworks perhaps on the sea beach, also having can put together by blood of the place is avenue in Kenting, there are a lot of stores there all selling the made-up and small decoration that some shells make very fit buy to return to send to the friend, have some a little peddler etc., Kenting is really a very good place.



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