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The Little Mermaid 2 的歌詞

需要The Little Mermaid 2 中的For a Moment 的歌詞


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    Jodi Benson, Tara Strong Lyrics - For A Moment Lyrics


    Artist: Jodi Benson, Tara Strong Lyrics

    Song: For A Moment Lyrics


    Okay, get a grip, get the hang of this flipper

    It's like slipping two feet into one big huge slipper

    Which way is left, and which way is right

    Oh now I'll be circling in circles all night

    Oh, so this is forward no problem

    I can't believe I can do this and more

    To swin in the sea like I walk on the shore

    Out of my shell not closed up like a clam

    Look out sea, this is me, here I ammmm

    For a moment all of me is alive and at home in the sea

    I'm swirling and twirling so graceful and grand

    Not stubbing my toes, getting stuck in the sand

    For a moment life is cool

    I'm a splash in the world's biggest pool

    This is more than my thoughts ever thought it could be

    For a moment, just a moment, lucky me (laughs)


    If only for one moment, I could share with you all I know

    The sea wouldn't be a mystery, but why did you have to gooo


    Everything's newer, and brighter, and bluer, and truer to life than before

    Watch me soarrrr

    For a moment I can shine, got a grin and a fin that works fine

    My fingers are wringly and I really don't care

    If all of my curls have curled out of my hair

    For a moment I can feel

    All the dreams I've been dreaming are real

    Wish my mother could hear it, the sea is my song

    For a moment, just a moment I belong


    I will find you my darling, and the moment that I do

    I will hold you close my Melody and sing the song of the sea with youuuu

    (Singing Together)

    [Ariel:]Sing the song of the sea with youuuu

    [Melody:]For a moment, just a moment I belonggg

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