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    This film( movie ) is based on a single mother family , deseription of emotional( affectional ) issue between mother , sons and brothers.

    Elder Brother Joe is excellent in study and ( personal ) behavior, he is also very talented in running ( race ) , but the younger brother goes on thewrong track by knowing bad friends.

    Joe encourage him to join the race team , but no one thought that Billy is also a very talented racer as Joe.

    So Joe lost his faith and decalred ( annouced) to quite the race contest.

    The two brothers accept each other and help each other , it's a great movie ( film ) .

    2007-06-28 22:38:23 補充:

    goes on thewrong track by knowing bad friends

    可用 :

    by making bad friends

    cause knowing ( makking ) bad friends.

    The two brothers accept each other and help each other

    請改成 The two brothers accept each other and support each other with love ( 忘了翻用愛 )

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    This film takes single-parent family as the backgroud, narrate the emotion question between the brothers of mother and son elder brother Joe has good character and fine scholarship and races in the school Natural gift, but the younger brother can not make friends carefully and misledly

    Then Joe does one's utmost to advertise he joins the track and field team, has never expected Billy and he both have talent of running, cause Joe's confidence to lose, threaten to give up the match

    Their brother admits each other and supports each other with the love together, is a very good film.

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    This is a film with a single-family background. The topic is about the emotion problems between mother and sons. The older one, Joe, is an outstanding student and he has the gift of racing, but his little brother, Billy, missed his way buy making bad friends. Therefore, Joe promotes his brother to join the racing team actively. Accidentally, Billy’s ability is better than Joe. Therefore, Joe is lack of confidence and even wants to give up. At last, the to brothers help each other and tolerate each other with love. This is a meaningful movie.

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