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  • Celine
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    Good morning sirs,

    My name is xxx, born and grown in Taichung.

    I am going to graduate from Commerce Department of xxx school this


    My personality is optimistic and positive, very persistent about learning.

    My favorate courses are Accounting, and Computer, I like to play

    volleyball with friends when I am free.

    In school, I obtained a few Accounting licenses, and rank the top in the


    My recent expectation is to become student in this university, and study

    thoroughly and completely in the field of Accounting. My goal is to

    become accountant.

    Thank you for taking your time to listen to my introduction.

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    Each professor good.

    My name is a XXX, Taichung person.

    This summer graduates from the business management in the XXX school section.

    My character is optimism is enterprising, then keeping to give up not and easily to the learning of mindset.

    My interested in academics is an accounting and computer, the recreational activity beats volleyball with friend.

    Go to school a period, I pass in examination a lot of licenses concerning accounting, and come out in front in the class accounting's result.

    And I in the near future of the expectation is the student who can become this university, and make accounting this professional subject thorough to understand within four years, taking passing examination accountant as a target.

    Thanking the professors listens me to introduce myself.


    參考資料: 自己
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    Fellow professors are good.

    My name is XXX, Taichung person.

    This year summer graduates from XXX school commercial management


    My individuality is optimistic is enterprising, to studies the point

    of view which maintains not easily gives up.

    I am interested the discipline am accountant and the computer, the

    leisure activity am and the friend play the volleyball.

    Goes to school the period, I was admitted to a school the very many

    concerned accountants' card to illuminate, and accountant the result

    was among the best in the class.

    But I in the near future the expectation will be can become this

    university's students, and will make in four years accounting this

    specialized subject the thorough understanding, take will test

    accountant as the goal.

    Thanks professors to listen respectfully my self introduction.