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Minority Languages Qustion

Sorry I have to ask the question in English, 'cause I'm Boston now and doing some debate researches.(I'm actually from Taiwan.)

Um, the debate topic is about "The government should not save minority languages". That is the main point of our team's statement.

We need some facts and statistics that support the statement, some personal stories will do as well.

Help us as quick as possible, thank you.


oh maybe I didn't make my statement clear.

Our side of point is about "Not saving the minority languages", although we should do so.

and we're searching for help since we have very little time.

I thank you all very much, and please help us find sources :)

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "the gov. should not save minority languages" ...

    BUT you can try to look for that topic at


    or just Google it. I'm sure you'll have something.

    And I guess just explain it to me more so I can help you with it? Yea yea?

    2007-06-29 16:26:48 補充:

    - Minority languages always die out eventually

    - They are not recognised which limits their usage

    - Shouldn't force the majority to adopt it's vaule and standers

    2007-06-29 16:27:36 補充:

    - We don't have time to educate our children to a minority language that's rarely used, educational issues for the minorities

    - It'll cause division and segregation in the communities

    - Chance of increasing hate srimes

    2007-06-29 16:28:13 補充:

    hate crimes** not hate srimes

    - Politic conflicts

    - May cause religious differences, and influence further educations

    that's all I can think of, and I couldn't find any statistics. You guys picked the hard topic to debate about. Good lick with that though!

    2007-06-30 03:50:28 補充:

    god luck... = =

    2007-06-30 06:06:01 補充:

    GOOD LUCK!!! ...

    參考資料: loving the California sun :], my brain and the world wide web, can't spell today..
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    You should check out "minority language" in Wikipedia, cuz under "Controversy" there are something about it, not much though....

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    You should seach online information. as i know, boston should have this kind of information online, such as population #, races, etc.

    based on the data and then decide your debate direction. Of couse, it is better to focus on "saving the minority languages" like Leslie said.

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  • Leslie
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    Hi, I don't think it is easy to get the facts and statistics that you are asking for.

    目前普世的 "正確" 觀念是"應該要 save minority languages", 不是嗎?


    還是說, 我誤會您的意思了?

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