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[Ebay]USPS lost package......

I bought a laptop and the total price is $1200. The seller charged me $20 for shipping(by US Postal Service Priority Mail) and he didn't provide insurance (although I said I wanna buy insurance through mail) . He gave me the tracking number on 16th June and it appeared that the item was delivered on 18th June. However until now I receive nothing. What can I do? I worried that the parcel might be lost or the seller wrote the wrong address, or the seller didn't send the item? Is it appropiate to claim from Paypal? The possibility of winning the clain is high? Thanks anyway

P.S The shipping address is in CA and the approximate time of arrival is 6/18. But until now I receive nothing and the seller never respond(His account is 215 with 100% positive)


My location is in CA


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Dear Jim: Plx look at the supplimentary statement first. I clearly state that I am in US, but not Taiwan. Moreover, I opened a PP claim since the attitude of the seller is abysmal

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(It seems that it's none of his own business after sending the goods.). He neither bought insurance nor did a SC during delivery. As the value of the item is over $1200, according to the PP rules(SC is required if the value of the purchase is over $250) I will win the claim definitely?

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Anybody knows about that? If you can answer my question in detail, I would choose you to be the best replier. Thanks

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Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks anyway

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  • Jim
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    Upon the feedbacks of that seller's record, I don't think that seller didn't send the item, If the tracking number can be tracked on ,It tells the seller shipped it, I've bought over three hundred items from ebay of USA and never got lost via USPS to Taiwan, However it's an international shipping, So you'd better comfirmed with that seller the address he wrote, I usually ask seller to print the address, avoid to misspell or any mistake, Just print the address from email you sent. I surmise that if he cheated, His ebay account will be no longer exist in ebay.

    Item should be received by 6/18, Just try to wait for more days.

    2007-07-04 22:05:27 補充:

    Dear Connie, Don't be mad at me, I know you are currently in the US, USD$1200 is really a big deal, Did you ask USPS? How does they reply? We others could only provide advice, suggestion or experience, I don't anticipate that 20 points and just to give some assistance to you,

    2007-07-04 22:15:22 補充:

    Furthermore, Auction on internet has its own risk at all,

    You asked him to buy insurance but he didn't do it, Suppose he did send the item and gave you tracking number, The rest will be in USPS, What can be done by seller next? Refund the insurance fee?

    2007-07-04 22:38:42 補充:

    If the address is incorrect, Probably the parcel will be back to the sender, or to your neighbor, Parcel finally has its own destination at all, USPS knows the destination, They don't want to be accused by disseizin.

    Good luck Connie.

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  • FCC
    Lv 4
    1 0 年前

    1. you may tracking the package again on to see if there

    is any further information available. you may also request usps to

    inform you further information by email.

    2. as far as i know, the tracking number used here in taiwan is a new number not the usps priority mail tracking number provided by the seller.

    3. you may also call taiwan postal office, tel (02) 23560881. here is the website info for you logon by yourself.

    4. tell the postal office clerk the usps priority mail tracking number ans ask his help & give you taiwanese tracking number.

    5. there is also one possibility that the package was loaded ontop a wrong airplane. this means your package was now in another country's airport & this airport will reload your package to right airplane. this explains why it takes so long. this situation occured to me once. my package shipped from USA was on board of the airplane flying to Australia. after arrival, my package was then reshipped from australia to taiwan. the delivery lead time was doubled.

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