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誰可以幫我介紹一下伊利諾州的生活狀況及消費狀況 ?




一個月生活費開銷最省大略要多少美金才會足夠 ???

留學生自己在外租屋,一人房間或兩人房間的費用是介於多少之間 ???

伊利諾州境內的 " Byron Public High School " 這所公立高中,

它的地址是 : 696 Colfax,Byron,IL,61010

我想請問這所高中鄰近一帶是否有州立大學或是社區大學 ?

是否有語言學校的存在 ?

語言學校學費狀況是如何 ?

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    The above link shows you where the school is. This high school located in north Illinois, about 2 hours drive to chicago. I don't live around there but I am pretty sure there are some community college or state college around. You can definitely find a language school there.

    life expense in north IL is not too high; if you would like to live alone, making sure there is someone able to sign the contract for you. (you are not allowed to sign a contract if you are under 21 years of age)

    The rent of one bed room might be around 500-800 per month (utility included)

    食.衣.行.娛樂...not sure, but it is definitely better if you have a car.

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