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得知 貴校系以培養具備紮實的英語技能、運用科技能力、豐富的外語實務經驗…等的人才為目標,正與我的理念不謀而合,而我也確性貴校能提供我所需要的知識,學生誠摯希望能成為滿足業界需求和寬廣國際視野之專才,已在將來能發揚貴校之榮耀,將所學的學以致用。



若能有幸通過 貴校系第二階段的甄試,我會努力實現我的最終目的,以所學為應用英語系盡一份心力!

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    Register motive

    Knew that your school is by raises has the solid English skill, utilization science and technology ability, the rich foreign language practice experience…And so on talented person is a goal, is happening to hold the same view with mine idea, but my also true your school can provide the knowledge which I need, the student hoped sincerely can become meets the field need and the broad international field of vision people with professional skills, has been able to carry forward glory of your school in the future, will study studying for the purpose of application.

    Future will forecast

    Nowadays is a card illuminates the time, the technical progress is changes with each new day, the so-called study sea not stops inexhaustible, the deep pool body to be broad, I must follow the footsteps, studies diligently enriches itself.

    If can through your school be second stage Zhen Shi fortunately, I will realize my final goal diligently, take will study as an application department of English mental effort!


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    I knew that your school's goal is to cultivate the talented people obtained excellent English skill、the technical capabilities and affluent foreign language experiences that match my notions exactly. I also certainly believe that your school can offer the knowledge I need. I sincerely hope I can be the talented person having broad internationl vision that industry needs the most. For being the glory of your school、and I will use what I learn properly.

    This is the world belong to the people who own the licences nowadays. Technology is progressing day by day. According to an old saying" learning is endless and broad. As a result、I got to keep up with the trend、and struggle for learning.

    If I have any chance to pass the second examination at Department of Applied Foreign Languages, I will make an effort to fulfill my final purpose、that is to utilize what I have learned for contributing my efforts in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages. !

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