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小紅帽故事翻譯! (急需)




這個王子向小紅帽說, 別害怕, 我不會傷害你的, 我想要跟你求婚!可以嗎?

小紅帽嚇了一跳, 說: 為什麼要選擇我?

王子說: 我是被詛咒才變成野狼的, 我需要一個公主, 才能解開這個詛咒, 拜託你答應我!

小紅帽不知道該怎麼回答, 也很懷疑這隻野狼說的話。

小紅帽說: 我不確定你是否在騙我! 要我相信你的話, 你必須通過我的測驗!

野狼回答: 沒問題!


小紅帽說: 你想吃她嗎?

野狼回答: 真是令人感到噁心! 我是個人類為什麼要吃她啊?

小紅帽回答: 好吧! 你通過測驗了!我答應你的求婚!

野狼說: 謝謝! (然後野狼拉著小紅帽到城堡)

野狼對小紅帽說: 這裡。

小紅帽說: 這裡?

野狼對著城堡大聲喊叫: 我已經找到一位公主了~~!


小紅帽睜大眼睛說: 你....

王子問小紅帽: 怎麼了?

小紅帽回答: 沒.......沒什麼.....

王子說:穿上這件禮服吧! 你就會發現你不一樣了!

(小紅帽穿上禮服, 變成了一位真正的公主)


王子說: 是的, 謝謝妳嫁給我! 為我解除詛咒!

小紅帽與王子從此過著幸福的生活~ (END)

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    The prince said to Little Red Riding Hood that: “Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. I would like to propose to you, OK?”

    Little Red Riding Hood got shock at that moment and replied: “Why you choose me?”

    The prince said: “I was cursed and turned to a wolf. I need a princess to help me to release this curse. Please promise to help me.”

    Little Red Riding Hood was startled and did not know how to reply the request. In the meantime, she doubted very much about what the wolf said.

    So Little Red Riding Hood replied:” I am not sure whether you're deceiving me or not. If you pass over my test, I shall believe what you said.”

    The Wolf answered: “No problem.”

    (Little Red Riding Hood led the Wolf walk to her grandmother's log cabin.)

    Little Red Riding Hood asked:” Do you want to eat her?”

    The Wolf replied:” It disgusts me. I am human being, why I would have such idea to eat her.”

    Therefore, Little Red Riding Hood said:”It's fine. You just pass my test. I promise your proposing.”

    2007-07-01 14:06:38 補充:

    The Wolf said happily: “Thanks!” (Then he held Little Red Riding Hood's hand and led her to the castle.)

    The Wolf said to Little Red Riding Hood That:” Here we are.”

    Little Red Riding Hood spoke out with doubt:” Here?”

    2007-07-01 14:10:15 補充:

    Then, the Wolf shouted out loudly toward the castle that:” I have already found a princess.”

    (All of the sudden, the Wolf turned back to a good looking prince.)

    At this moment Little Red Riding Hood was startled with her eyes opened so big and murmured:” You……”

    2007-07-01 14:10:46 補充:

    The prince asked Little Red Riding Hood that:”What's the matter?”

    Little Red Riding Hood murmured: “Oh! Nothing!”

    The prince said to Little Red Riding Hood:”Put on this dress and you will find that you're different.”

    (Little Red Riding Hood put on the dress, and became a real princess.)

    2007-07-01 14:11:36 補充:

    "Is it real? Is this me?” The little princess just can't believe that she became a real princess.

    The prince said:” Yes, indeed. Thanks for you're marring with me. It helps me to remove the curse.”

    2007-07-01 14:13:04 補充:

    From that day on, Little Red Riding Hood and the prince lived on a wonderful and happy life.

    2007-07-01 17:40:12 補充:

    小紅帽這個故事中小紅帽的原文為"Little Red Riding Hood",供你參考。

    2007-07-02 19:45:14 補充:

    Hi! PJ,

    Thanks a lot for your correcrtion.

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    Hi~Mr. 2號先生,我看了前面一點點,發現了一個mistake~

    是got shocked~

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    This prince says toward the small red hat, don't fear, I will not hurt yours, I want to propose with you!Can?

    The small red hat gets a fright, saying: Why want to choose me?

    The prince says: I am just cursed to become a wild wolf, I need a princess, can untie this to curse, pleasing to promise me!

    The small red hat doesn't know how to answer, also doubt this what wild wolf say very much.

    The small red hat says: My indetermination whether you is cheating me or not! Want me to believe your words, you have to pass my test!

    The wild wolf answers: All right!

    (The small red hat brings the wood house that the wild wolf walks to return to grandmother)

    The small red hat says: Do you want to eat her?

    The wild wolf answers: Really make the person feel disgusting! I is does personal type why want to eat her?

    The small red hat answers: All right! You passed to test!I promise you to propose!

    The wild wolf says: Thank! (Then the wild wolf pull a small red hat to go to fortress)

    The wild wolf says the small red hat: Here.

    The small red hat says: Here?

    The wild wolf towards fortress to yell loudly: I have already found out a princess~~!

    (The wild wolf becomes a handsome prince suddenly at this time)

    Small red hat Zheng big eyes say: You....

    The prince asks a small red hat: How?

    The small red hat answers: Didn't.......Nothing.....

    The prince says: put on this demitoilet! You will find you different!

    (The small red hat puts on a demitoilet, becoming a real princess)

    Is this really me?The little princess dares not to believe oneself to become a princess.

    The prince says: Thank you to marry to me yes! Relieve to curse for me!

    The small red hat and prince lives a happy life from now on~(END)