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find a job in switzerland

dear friends,

I am in Switzerland now and I have a permit B.

I would like to find a job here but I can not speak French or German or...

I can speak English but not very well, I think for general speak is ok.

I do not care doing any kinds of job , even being a cleaner.

Because I feel bored when I stay here, my husband is a swiss, he encourages

me to find a job, but I do not know how to do and he does not know as well.

I have searched on the switzerland's website but I can not understand it.

I hope someone who have been to work here or have lived here can give me

some good advices.

My computer can not type chinese but I can receive chinese e-mail.

Thanks a lot

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    Perhaps you can use the same way in Taiwan that read the newspaper and find a good job!

    If you don't understand what that mean, you can use some automatic language translator (or web), or ask your husband .

    Maybe that could help you more!

    Don't feel afraid that swiss not understand what you want to convey.

    Just trying!

    Hope you will find a good job^_^

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    不好意思 可以請問你的年齡嘛??


    但是 也許你可以嘗試製作一份英文履歷

    我想 會對你幫助很大

    不然就項幕晴打的一樣 你可以上台灣網站

    有字典可以查 也有海外工作可以找


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    Are you a swiss?

    You said. You can speak english but very well.

    My have two suggestions

    first, how deep that you know about PC.

    second, If you know it! You can try to find some job about BIOS or test

    Find your insterest and follow it, some things will be happen.

    Good luck!