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  • Celine
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    Currently I work in the company as a tax protection official and

    department assistant, my job includes: control merchandise in-and-

    out in order to avoid precious ones improperly flow out, finsihed

    product bookkeeping, mainly register export items and expenses and

    check them up, also includes: local market sales auditing, raw material

    and finished products checking, outsourcing management, help stock

    counting, and all the small things as a assistant to department... etc.

    Because of such variety of job content, it trains me to have good sense

    of time management, which has become one of my strenghs.

    In the past 1 year and half, I've learnt a lot of professional

    knowledge and accumulated experiences. Tax protection is a

    special unit which only exists in the Industrial Park. This person

    needs to know professional knowledge and legal regulations as well,

    with this, he/she can expect to communicate with customs officials.

    This is a very special working experience, however, if there is

    chance, I want to try in another area to enrich my life and add up my


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    At present I hold the post of the bonded management teacher in the company to hold a concurrent post of the department assistant, the responsible work has the clearance management, controls the condition for the company which the goods pass in and out, by against valuables or components not, when flows out; The end product account maintenance, is mainly registers company product outlet the account and the checkup. The domestic registration book investigation, the investigation import and export department registers raw material, end product transaction detailed; Outside the committee processes manages and assists inventorying and the department assistants works…And so on. Because of these many diversification's work, trains me to have the very good time management idea, the making the proper arrangements time is my specialty. Work this year in the half, I study very many different specialized knowledge and the experience, bonded is the Specialized unit which the campus enterprise only then has, therefore needs certain specialized knowledge and understands some laws and regulations, can help the company and the customs communicates. This is the very special work experience, for all that I want to attempt other to work differently the domain, by enriches own life to experience and to increase the self-value.

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