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I born in a pristine village although the information is not very affluently but I was proud of live here, because I have more wonderful childhood than the other child who’s born in city When I is a little child my parent give me enough freedom to think, so I to have cogitative , The process of pursuing my studies is not very favorably, in the high school major in accounting but in the college major international trade and therefore I be strong then the other people , when really makes a deep impact on my collage life let me Views broaden at college and make a lot of good friends, in the international trade businessman is a very challenge to me , however in the business 、relationship、communication I will do my best


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    I was born in a pristine village. I am proud that I am from there even though there is not advanced technolgy information in town. I have more wonderful childhood while compared to the children in cities. My parents hold positive and open attitude toward us on education. They respect our thoughts so that I am raised having critical thinking abilities. There were some challenges when I worked on my education. I studied Accounts in senior high school and majored Internation Trade in college. I have learned lots from these challenges and sujbects. These experiences also helped me to develop a personality of insistence. What influences me most is the things and knowlege I've learned in the 4-year college, which not only broadens my views but also strengthens my ability on social skills and negotiation. Those who major in International Trade usually look for the position of salesperson at the very begining of their career. Besides, the position of salesperson is a challenge jobin business, interpersonal relationship, and negotiation.

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    I surely will do my best as soon as I am offered for this job.

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    I born in a pristine village ..................


    I was born in.............................


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