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很抱歉 我們公司無法使用COD付款方式





Sorry, we can't use the payment of COD you filled.

please be noted that our payment term is NET 30 days.

moreover, we all use this method to outside.

Plesae kindly amend the Monthly statement days to net 30 days.

Thank you for your help.

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    We are sorry but we may not be able to accept COD payment term as requested, we can only accept Net 30 days. Please understand this is the only payment term we would accept for all customers. Please kindly revise your payment term, thank you very much for your help and understanding.

    大致是這樣吧, 我也是作貿易的, 每天都在寫這些信, 希望可以幫到你

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    但其實我覺得, 商業書信不需要寫的太複雜... 像這封信, 最主要的是跟客人講無法接受COD, 只能接受NET 30 DAYS

    所以重點是講的婉轉一些, 不要讓客人覺得不舒服, 所以我用MAY NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT, 表示可能無法接受...

    不過都是給你參考... 樓下的也不錯啦~

    參考資料: 自己, 作國外貿易+留學美國9年的我, 自己
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    很抱歉 我們公司無法使用COD付款方式請注意我們的付款方式為月結30天...且我們對外一律採用此付款方式請更改您的付款方式卸卸...

    We are sorry to advise you that we can't accept the COD payment term at your request, kindly be considerate of our Net 30 days. By the way, please be advised that this payment terms has kept invariable to all customers. Your kindly modify your payment terms to the above would be most appreciated. Thanks!

    註:1.may not在否定用法時,是指『不允許』一般常用can not 2.terms複數型時是表『(付款、費用、合約等的)條件、價格、工資』3.considerate 是指『能體諒【對方的感受等】的』kindly be considerate of是指『敬請體諒....』的意思4. invariable是指『一成不變的、不能變的』

    2007-07-09 16:28:18 補充:

    請將"advised that this payment terms"修改為"advised that our payment terms"

    2007-07-09 17:08:07 補充:

    請將"has kept invariable "修改為"has been kept invariable "

    參考資料: 英文,文法,商業英文實務/常識及字典
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    Sorry, the payment by COD is not acceptable.

    please pay attention to our payment term as NET 30 days.

    it is consistent with our company's policy.

    your cooperation is appreciated.*****