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Vivian Hsiao 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1. forty winks

2. from pillar to post

3. in the lap of the gods

4. achilles heel

5. cold shoulder

6. without rhyme or reason

7. swan song

8. to get the sack

9. ivory tower

10. to feather one's nest

11. the writing on the wall

12. on the bandwagon

13. to hit the nail on the head

14. on the dot

15. to take under one's wings

16. out of one's depth

17. to take a leaf out of someone's book

18. brass tacks

19. hook, line, and sinker

20. lily-livered

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  • shahad
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    1 0 年前

    1. forty winks- 白天小睡;打盹

    example: I want to catch forty winks before the guests arrive

    2. from pillar to post- 從一個地方到令一個地方

    example: After Mike joined the Air Force, the family kept moving from pillar to post.

    3. in the lap of the gods- 非人力所能左右的;看運氣

    example: Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of ourselves."

    4. achilles heel- 唯一的(致命)弱點

    example: His Achilles' heel was his pride

    5. cold shoulder- 冷淡,冷漠待人

    example: The young man was furious when she gave him the cold shoulder.

    6. without rhyme or reason- 莫名其妙

    example: Changes have been made to the text without rhyme or reason.

    7. swan song- 最後作品

    example: I'm resigning tomorrow; this project was my swan song.

    8. to get the sack(or ax)- 被炒魷魚

    example: John was stunned when he got the sack at the end of the month.

    9. ivory tower- 指脫離現實生活的小天地

    example: people who live in the ivory towers are detached from the world around them.

    10. to feather one's nest- 自肥, 假公濟私(通常指政府官員)

    example: The congressmen feathered his nest through his connection with big business.

    11. the writing on the wall- 不祥徵兆(omen)

    example: The Chinese official saw the writing on the wall and fled the country. :P

    12. (jump) on the bandwagon- 順應某種流行趨勢 If people jump on the bandwagon, they get involved in something that has recently become very popular.

    example: Dad has finally jumped on the bandwagon and set up a personal blog.

    13. to hit the nail on the head- 一針見血地(absolutely right)

    example: You hit the nail on the head about him: he is a computer nerd.

    14. on the dot- 準時地

    example: She was told to arrive at 8 o'clock on the dot

    2007-07-10 13:00:26 補充:

    15. to take under one's wings- 被保護著

    example: The young bird is nestling under a parent's wing for warmth and security.

    16. out of one's depth- 在能力之外的

    example: He was out of his depth in that advanced calculus class

    2007-07-10 13:01:48 補充:

    17. to take a leaf out of someone's book- 學習或是把某人當做榜樣

    example: Jane took a leaf out of her mother's book and began to keep track of how much money she was spending on food.

    2007-07-10 13:02:03 補充:

    18.(get down to) brass tacks- 事實真相 brass tracks= facts

    example: The General wanted to get down to brass tacks. He wanted to know how many soldiers had died in the battle.

    2007-07-10 13:02:06 補充:

    19. hook, line, and sinker- 徹底的 完全的

    example: He swallowed our excuse hook, line, and sinker

    20. lily-livered 膽小的

    example: I've never seen such a lily-livered wimp in my life!

    2007-07-10 13:07:32 補充:


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  • 1 0 年前

    1. (為非正式說法) 小睡, 打盹 (通常指白天) --->也可用take a nap

    2. 被迫四處碰壁 或 到處奔波

    3. 由神掌管 ---> 意指 結果難以預料, 不是人力所能左右的

    4. 致命弱點 ---> 源自希臘神話 阿基里斯的故事

    5. 冷漠對待 ---> 用法 : give someone the cold shoulder

    6. 毫無道理 或 莫名奇妙

    7. 告別演出or告別比賽or最後的作品 ---> 用於演員,音樂家,運動員,藝術家...等

    8. 被解雇 / 被開除 / 被炒魷魚

    9. 象牙塔 ---> 指逃避問題,脫離現實地 躲在自己的小天地裡

    10. 中飽私囊

    11. 惡運臨頭的預兆, 不祥之兆 ---> 源自聖經的故事

    12. 趕時髦, 追隨潮流 ---> 用法 : climb / jump on the bandwagon

    13. 正中要害, 一針見血

    14. 準時 ---> 或使用 on time

    15. 呵護 , 庇護 ---> 就像鳥媽媽把小孩保護在翅膀底下的意思

    16. 非能力所及 ---> 不能勝任的意思

    17. 效仿, 模仿 -->用於把成功者的行為舉止當榜樣來學習的意思

    18. 具體問題 ---> 用於開始思考細節或具體的狀況

    19. 完全地, 毫無保留地 ---> 意同 completely

    20. ??

    最後一項查不到, 問到再補充

    2007-07-10 12:29:17 補充:


    最後一個指的是" 膽小鬼"

    參考資料: , myself + 辭典 + internet
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  • 1 0 年前



    4) 阿基理斯的腳跟 - 根據希臘神話中阿基李斯是個無敵的人(細節恕省略)唯一的弱點就是他的腳跟, 所以這句idiom的意思就是"唯一的弱點"

    5) 冷肩膀 - 就是不理不睬的意思

    6) 沒有韻律或理由 - 就是有點無理的意思

    8) 是 hit the sack還是get the sack? 如果是"hit the sack"就是去睡覺的意思

    9) 象牙塔 - "學習之地"

    11) 牆上的字 - 就是事情已經非常的明朗化了, 猶如寫在牆上的字一般

    12) 完整的說法是 "jump on the bandwagon" 跳上馬車 - 就是湊熱鬧, 有樣學樣的意思

    14) 在點之上 - 非常準確的意思 (一般用於準時)

    15) 在某人的翅膀之下 - 某人的學徒的意思, 像老鳥會把幼鳥保護在他的羽翼之下


    希望以上的答案有些幫助, 如果有更好的解釋, 不要罵我阿!!

    參考資料: 自己的了解
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