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checked檢查 cough咳嗽 headache頭痛 went to the doctor看醫生

stayed in bed躺在床上 sore throat喉嚨痛 took some medicine吃藥


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    When I got up this morning.I felt terrible and had a horrible headache , a sore throat and a cough .My mother suggested me to see the doctor.

    so I went to the near hospital of my home. After checked that the docrtor tole me what had to stay in bed for a while and took some medicine

    for three times a day.Therefore I will not can go to school today.

    2007-07-10 19:16:24 補充:

    tell-"told" 倒數第二行 tole打錯了

    參考資料: me
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    Peter got up this morning and found that he didin't feel well. He coughed, and felt headache and

    sore throat. Therefore, he went to the doctor. The doctor checked and said that he caught a cold.

    After Peter went home, he took the medicine and stayed in bed all day.

    參考資料: me