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Observation v.s. Interpreation

可以幫我解釋Observation 和 Interpretation 的差別嗎? (以科學角度)


a. The Earth is orbiting around the Sun.

b. Mt. A has more snow and ice than any of the other Cascade volcanoes combined.

c. The moon formed as a chunk of the Earth broke off due an asteriod impact.

d. The core is made of iron.

e. 85% of volcanoes occur because of subduction.

f. Olivine is a green-colored, hard mineral with no cleavage.




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Cleavage和Fracture的差別在那些石頭上! 謝謝

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    Observation is the way you objectively detect and assess a material without making any comment, whereas the interpretation is the way you explan a material or phenomena. you might be subjective when interpreting something since you are doing a concrete suggestion based mostly on your previous knowledge.

    a Observation

    b interpretation

    c interpretation

    d Observation

    e interpretation

    f Observation

    Kind of tricky this time @.@

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    地球是軌道的在太陽附近。A 有更多雪和冰比任何其它小瀑布火山被結合。月亮被形成作為地球的大塊終止了應得物asteriod 衝擊。核心由鋼製成。85% 火山發生由於算術的減法。Olivine 是綠色色的, 堅硬礦物沒有卵裂。

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