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PO#1003075 JY1504.1-B

PO#1003076 JY1504.3-B

所有的線材都已經備齊,只缺少3pin及4pin conn,若已經寄出, 麻煩請提供tracking no.,另外,要在確認一件事,Karen在7/9的mail裡說到(請見附檔)JB5 4pin的訂單要cancel,請問確有此事嗎?因為我們都尚未收到任何通知


po#1003096 900383b

po#1003112 900385b

目前還缺少UL20844 raw cable及JB5 5pin conn


(2)JB5 5P至少需要900PCS,請問寄出來了嗎?若已寄出,請提供tracking no.


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    As a bit confused presently, we do need to sort once again

    SRI: There are two PO remains not to produce yet so far

    PO#1003075 JY1504.1-B

    PO#1003076 JY1504.3-B

    All raw materials are ready with the exception of 3 pins & 4 pins conn.

    Please kindly provide the tracking no. for tracing here if you have been

    forwarded them.

    Moreover, We would like to make sure that Karen has mentioned to

    cancel PO#JB5-4pins on her mail dated 7/9 as attached. Is that ture ?

    Because we did not receive any notification yet

    2. UPI: Two PO

    po#1003096 900383b

    po#1003112 900385b

    It still lacked UL20844 raw cable& JB5 5pin conn at present stage

    (1) There are 926M of SRI in the stock (USD$0.745/M*926M=USD$689.87). Kindly please adviae that we need to place purchase order to SRI

    in advance ? Or place it to COP ?

    (2) At least 900 pcs of JB5 5P is required, does there forward ? If affirmative, please let us know the tracking no by return

    3. Re po#1003121, the serial nomber has been revised to

    SDC009-C0-0313 due to packing motified again, please urgently to

    correct your PO accordingly

    參考資料: myself & dictionary
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  • 1 0 年前


    1. Because at present is a little chaotic, therefore again again

    reorganized ㄧ SRI also to have these two order forms not to produce

    PO#1003075 JY1504.1-B PO#1003076 the JY1504.3-B all lines material all

    already to get ready, only lacked 3pin and 4pin conn, if already sent,

    the hemp requested to provide tracking no. Moreover, must in confirm a

    matter, Karen speaks of in 7/9 mail (requests an audience to attach

    files) the JB5 4pin order form to want cancel, asked really has this

    matter? Because we all not yet receive any notice

    2.UPI these two order forms po#1003096 900383b po#1003112 900385b at

    present also lacks UL20844 raw cable and JB5 5pin conn (1) present SRI

    has 926M the stock (USD$0.745/M*926M=USD$689.87), asked wants first

    under the unidirectional SRI purchase? Or under unidirectional COP

    purchase? (2) JB5 5P at least needs 900PCS, asked has sent? If has

    sent, please provide tracking no.

    3. About po#1003121, because changes the packing, therefore the

    material number changed is SDC009-C0-0313, the hemp requests to revise

    the order form as soon as possible

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