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six foot tall 與 six feet tall

請說明 six foot tall 與 six feet tall ,謝謝。

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    USAGE NOTE: In Standard English, foot and feet have their own rules when they are used in combination with numbers to form expressions for units of measure: a four-foot plank, but not a four feet plank; also correct is a plank four feet long (or, less frequently, four foot long). When foot is combined with numbers greater than one to refer to simple distance, however, only the plural feet is used: a ledge 20 feet (not foot) away. At that speed, a car moves 88 feet (not foot) in a second.

    OUR LIVING LANGUAGE: Some people in New England and the South use constructions such as three foot and five mile in place of Standard English three feet and five miles in certain contexts. Some speakers extend this practice to measures of time, as in He was gone three year, though this is not as common. Interestingly, such constructions are used only if a specific numeral (other than one) precedes the noun. Thus, She gave me four gallon of cider can be heard in vernacular speech; however, no one would say She gave me gallon of cider for She gave me gallons of cider. This is because the numeral makes apparent the plural meaning that would not be specified if both the numeral and the plural form were omitted. See Notes at comparative, plural, redundancy.


    個人經驗是在倫敦買東西時, 老闆(操英國口音)問及送禮對象身高時是說......six foot tall.

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    The door is six feet tall.


    The six-foot tall door is broken. (注意中間要加"-"因為six-foot tall算是一個形容詞)

    參考資料: 國語有點破的美國高中生:僅供參考
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    正確的是six feet tall,但現在美語的文法愈來愈「口語化」,就像person的複數正確為people,但愈來愈多native speakers會說persons,再舉一個例子,就像我們常說的He is taller than me,其實也是錯誤的文法,正確的為He is taller than "I".,但現在根本沒有native speakers這麼說了,你如果說He is taller than I,是會被嘲笑的。以前我有文法問題都會去問native speakers,但現在發現,他們的文法也不一定就是正確的,先參考文法書,考試時一定要回答feet,但口語上就都ok啦!

    參考資料: 自己(美語老師)
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    Basically is the SAME.

    From dictionary:

    foot (MEASUREMENT) (plural feet or foot) Show phonetics


    a unit of measurement, equal to twelve inches or 0.3048 metres, sometimes shown by the symbol ':

    The man was standing only a few feet away.

    She is five feet/foot three inches tall.

    She is 5' 3" tall.