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21.Stop _____ the nonsense now, _____ I'm going to tell Mom.

(A)to say, but (B) saying; or (C) said; or (D) say; and

22.In the restaurant business, _____ is the most important thing to think about.

(A)search (B) source (C) location (D) conscience

23.I wish I _____ your advice, but I didn't pay attention to you at that time.

(A)had taken (B) took (C) would take (D) would have taken

24.Linda was disappointed at not getting the job, but she’ll _____ it.

(A)get over (B) come across (C) go well with (D) stand for

25.Unproductive employees will be _____ for the company’s next target of layoff.

(A)patterns (B) necessity (C) advertisement (D) candidates

26.It is important to strike a _____ between career and family commitments.

(A)balance (B) response (C) chord (D) competition

27.More and more people are ______ the environmental pollution.

(A)standing to (B) taking up with (C) caring about (D) letting on

28.My mother ____ that old chair and bought a new one.

(A)threw (B) threw down (C) threw away (D) threw up

29.A white blouse goes with her black hair.

(A)matches (B) declines (C) spoils (D) spoil

30.Only seven students showed up for the class meeting.

(A)approved (B) derived (C) appeared (D) agree

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    21. (B)停止正在做ㄉ事

    22. (C)考慮地點是開餐廳生意時最重要ㄉ

    23. (A)必須用過去完成式 表示過去該做卻未做ㄉ

    這個用法要記起來 很重要

    24. (A)克服

    25. (D)不事生產ㄉ雇員將成為下一個(候選ㄉ)攻擊目標

    26. (A)達成協議

    27. (C)關心

    28. (C)丟掉

    29. (A) goes with表示很相配

    30. (C) showed up表示出現

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    or 是有否則ㄉ意思



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