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轉眼Emily竟從Pa Pa Jordan畢業了,媽媽一直覺得幼稚園是Emily學習過程中很中要的一個階段.

Emily從小班就進入Pa Pa Jordan,很慶幸從中班開始英文課就由Alwey老師教,你知道嗎!Emily很期待每一天的英文課,連媽媽都被Emily影響了,一到新學期都期盼依然會是Alwey老師.


那天的畢業英語話劇,看著Emily在舞台上的一字一句媽媽真的很感動,每一個孩子都是媽媽的寶 ,但是我想偷偷跟你說 ”Emily那天真的很棒”

謝謝Alwey老師, 你也很棒.


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    Dear teacher Alwey:

    Turned eye Emily unexpectedly Jordan to graduate from the Pa Pa, the mother had been feeling kindergarten is in the Emily learning process very in want of a stage.

    Emily the class got into Pa Pa Jordan since the childhood, rejoicing very much from medium the class started an English language classed and then was taught by the Alwey teacher, did you know! The Emily expects the English language class of every day very much, even the mothers were all influenced by the Emily, a to lately semesters' all expecting still keep being an Alwey teacher.

    Emily English usually make mother very surprised, is astonishing to raise everyday, from 1's doing not understand English is what of the small doll go to graduation unexpectedly ability the word positive chamber speaks out a series of Englishs roundly, the all these really appreciates the Alwey teacher's Qing bag to teach mutually and cheery teaching method.

    The graduation English stage play of that day sees the Emily is on the stage of one word a mother's really moving each kids is the mothers' treasures but I want to secretly say Emily that with you to be innocent very good.

    Many thanks to Alwey the teache,r is also very good

    Emily mother Kety

    參考資料: 翻好久手快斷了...=口=
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    Dear Teacher Alwey,

    Time goes by so quickly that Emily will soon graduate from Pa Pa Jordan. I always believe that studying in kindergarten is a significant stage for Emily. Emily started her lessons from the bottom class in Pa Pa Jordan, and it is lucky for her to have you to teach her. You know what? Emily is so excited and expects to have English class everyday so that I am affected by her as well. She always expected that her teacher would still be you when the new semester came.

    I was so surprised by Emily’s English ability, and I was amazed by her everyday. Emily was just a little girl, who didn’t know anything about English at the beginning, and now she can speak good English fluently, and it is all because of you interesting lessons.

    I was touched when I saw Emily acting on the stage for the graduation English drama. I know every parent sees their child as the best, but I still want to tell you that: Emily was great that day!

    Thank you, Teacher Alwey, you are great as well!

    Emily’s mom, Kety

    參考資料: 我是英文老師