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Conceived on a master plan level as a 60-mile ecclesiastic experience, visitors enter the “church” upon exiting Interstate 5 onto the new road leading to the monument. This central "nave"—long, narrow, atoning—prepares visitors for the crater-cum-altar within the conceptual "transept" of the blast zone where the two facilities are located. The immolated past is laid bare in this surreal landscape of prostrate trees, denuded soils, and funereal memorials. The continuation of the spiritual journey—from earth to ether—is purely a metaphorical construct, yet standing on the fractured prow of the Johnston Ridge Observatory while confronting the apse (crater), visitors are connected to the powerful, terrifying and, ultimately, deeply beautiful face of the unknown.

Fractured pavement gives the feel of a burnt, unstable firmament. Custom light poles read as stripped but standing tree trunks during the day and become illuminating beacons at night. There is also the psychological perception of permanence. Rather than terraced landforms to accommodate the seasonal crush of vacationers, the designers approached parking as a buried ruin that was dug out from beneath the blast debris and ash. It was a counter-intuitive move that lead to the massive earthwork creation of a plateau for parking using the cut material from the new highway’s construction. These moves also met the goals of the collaboration between the public and private sector clients: an interdisciplinary design that was deferential to the mountain and its resources, yet evocative and expressive in its own right.


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