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花蓮太魯閣號傾斜式列車中, "傾斜式列車" 這五個字正確的英文是什麼?


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    A tilting train is a train with a tilting mechanism that enables increased speed on regular railroad tracks. As any vehicle rounds a curve at speed, independent objects inside it exert centrifugal force since their inherent momentum forward no longer lies along the line of the vehicle's course. This can cause packages to slide about on the floor, someone seated in a chair to feel squashed by the outboard armrest due to its centripetal force, and standing passengers to lose their balance. Tilting trains are designed to counteract this discomfort. The most famous type of this category of trains is the Italian Pendolino.

    Tilting trains are trains the upper part of which, where the passengers are seated, can be tilted sideways. In a curve to the left, it tilts to the left to compensate for the centrifugal push to the right, and vice versa.

    The train may be constructed such that inertial forces themselves cause the tilting, commonly referred to as passive tilt, or it may be actively induced by a computer-controlled mechanism, referred to as active tilt.


    傾斜式列車ㄉ英文是 tilting train!

    希望對你有幫助 :D

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    傾斜式列車: tilting train

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