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A Marvelous Memory

When I was young I had a good time. There were a small river and some trees near my house. Sometimes I used to go there and pick a little fish and butterflies back home to feed,however they died. after then I have never picked any natural animal back home because I afraid they were died by me.

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    我針對你的文章幫你修改一下 儘供參考:

    I really had a good time in my childhood. There were creeks, trees and a park near my house; they were my favorite platgrounds. I liked to capture fishes or some insects and took them home, my mom was scared occasionally when seeing the locusts or mantises I brought home; and I would get punishment as pandy. I always set them free after breeding them for a couple days, because I was afraid that they might get hurt. I am thankful for the wonderful and joyful childhood my parents gave me, and they would be my unforgettable marvelous memory for life.


    1. 不要在文章中一直提到"die", 不是很適當.

    2. 回文者應有風度, 勿做人身攻擊或做惡意批評, 像是第二篇的回文者.

    3. 請多跟同學老師切磋.

    參考資料: 自己
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    我小時候有個美好的回憶, 我家附近有小河及樹林. 有時候我會抓些小魚跟蝴蝶回家養, 但是他們都會死掉. 後來我就不抓小動物回家, 免得他們因我而死...............

    本篇文章, 錯字多,用法錯..............

    pick a little fish 應改為caught little fish,

    back home to feed應改為 back home for fun

    after then I have never picked 應改為 never brought.....

    I afraid they were died by me 應改為 I am afraid that they will die because of me

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