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  • Jacky
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    God of literature from ' Xiucai's nest ':

    God of literature that temple enshrine and worship this, to throw for the south grass collect town step on Ying fairy of dividing into, academy of god of literature. Step on Ying academy establish on one year (1847 the Christian era) such as lights ,History of enshrining and worshipping god of literature in this place is long, is that a remarkable place produces outstanding people naturally, counting it during the decade short and short, the Xiucai that the grass collected appearing in the home town reached more than 100 thirty ten people unexpectedly, so there is laudatory title of ' Xiucai's nest '. Because colored lotus 16 god of literature of temple whether the south is it step on fairy of dividing into, Ying of academy to throw, attract many great number of disciples to go to the temple to pay one's respects to too every year, earnestly hope god of literature blesses its study smoothly.

    參考資料: 擁有學士學位的我
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