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特急!! 求英文高手幫忙翻譯

因為想要換工作急需要履歷的英文自傳,我將其中不會翻的一段自傳列出,還請各位懂英文的大哥或大姐幫個忙. 謝謝!



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    After graduation from the university, I worked with XXXXX accounting firm where I applied the theories I had learned in school and picked up practices of auditing and taxation. During the 2 years in the firm, I learned comprehensive knowledge of account auditing and accounting process of various companies because of the professional contact. Since the working schedule was tight, I always finished my field job within the deadline and followed up with previous case while I have extra time for the next one.

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    參考資料: 你可以去看
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    Finish university successor job in**accounting firm, will attend school the theories learning with a view to its application that the stage learns on the other hand, learn actual situation experience of audit and tax administration on the other hand.The period for two years in office, the profession which learns an integrity checks debt process;I am another to have basic cognition to the each company accounts process because of coming in contact with many customers of different industries.Office's accepting a customer's top of the case time is very a tightly packed, I keep efficient always to complete according to schedule in the arrangement of the field work time, another in descend remaining of individual case son, will also track progress of concerning the last individual case son.

    參考資料: 譯言堂